Goodbye g-string hello imagination!

Lingerie is about leaving things to be discovered, or not, instead of the reveal-all-right-away tactic. What’s the fun in seeing it all at once? Tease him a little and make him wonder what lies beneath the lace and silk. One way to keep your man guessing is to wear conservative bras and panties then do naughty things. He’ll see one message and receive a totally different response. So will you. Want to slow down the action? Put on something with lots of hooks, snaps and bows. There is nothing more exciting than being undressed slowly. Hopefully he will know to explore each exposed part with his lips, hands and… For a night out on the town wear a translucent chemise under a low cut blouse or jacket so he gets a peek every once in a while to peak his interest. When it’s time for action, no nightie needed. Animal prints are still hot and sexy. They belong on lingerie instead of purses. What would surprise a man more than finding a leopard or snake print under that business suit? He’ll want the lights on when he sees the call of the wild side you have. Have trouble spots that you’re not wanting to reveal? No problem. You don’t have to bare all to...


Sleek is the word for this fall

Sleek is the word for this fall. Simple lines and one color grace the style scene. Long dress and skirt lines flatter and simple sweaters and tops complete them. Shiny materials add the accent that colors usually do.   Accessories mirror the fashion with one color shiny bracelets, footwear and clutches. Sleek, timeless pieces look good on everyone and never go out of style. So pick some favorites and love them for a long time....


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The Ugg Story

The Ugg story began in the 1960′s when surfers in Australia wanted to keep their feet warm between rides. Since sheepskin was plentiful they turned to the warmth and ease of footies, slip-ons made of sheep hide with the wool inside the shoe. The slippers were brought to America and a few endorsements later Uggs became a fashion sensation. Supposedly the name UGGS came from a woman who told her husband the boots he made were ugly. Well Uggs aren’t so ugly anymore. They come in a wide range of styles far from the original plain leather boot. There are fashionable boots of all lengths and styles, slippers, clogs and even tennis shoes. So if the original plain Ugg isn’t your thing you will definitely be able to find a style that you will...


Fall Capes & Ponchos In Style

Edna Mode from the Incredibles let us know that capes are not a good idea for super heroes but this Fall capes and ponchos are in style for the general female population. Once big in the seventies ponchos and capes are making a comeback. The word “hippie” may come to mind when thinking about ponchos but many styles, textiles, colors and sizes are available to give the look of elegance or a more casual feeling. Capes are just the thing to throw on before taking the dog out or getting the morning paper. Ponchos or capes are great for layering and look good with hats, leggings, slim pants or skirts. Boots finish off the ensemble along with a cross-body bag worn under the poncho. No worries about pick pockets. Just make sure that you are wearing the poncho or cape and not the other way around. The ends should be between fingertips and the knees. Otherwise it will look like you are snuggling in a blanket. Leave that for lazing on the couch watching TV. When shopping for this year’s wrap consider a poncho or cape. Most are very affordable and all are the hit this...