The Ugg Story

Ugg Story

Ugg AustraliaThe Ugg story began in the 1960′s when surfers in Australia wanted to keep their feet warm between rides. Since sheepskin was plentiful they turned to the warmth and ease of footies, slip-ons made of sheep hide with the wool inside the shoe. The slippers were brought to America and a few endorsements later Uggs became a fashion sensation.

UGG - Classic Short (Sand) - FootwearSupposedly the name UGGS came from a woman who told her husband the boots he made were ugly. Well Uggs aren’t so ugly anymore. They come in a wide range of styles far from the original plain leather boot. There are fashionable boots of all lengths and styles, slippers, clogs and even tennis shoes. So if the original plain Ugg isn’t your thing you will definitely be able to find a style that you will love.

Written By: Terri Drudge